Here Comes the Sun (2020)

A quilt in the time of Covid

Artist Lois Blackburn invited people from across the globe to make embroidery for the quilt Here Comes the Sun. 126 embroidered squares where created by 108 people from diverse backgrounds. Some were professional artists, some children, some hadn’t picked up a needle and thread since school. A team of volunteers stitched the designs of people who needed extra help due to struggles with homelessness, economic hardship or physical disabilities.  

Our theme was Suns, a symbol of alchemy. It represents life, influence and strength. It symbolizes energy, power, growth, health, passion and the cycle of life in many cultures and religions throughout time.

I am at home with my husband who is an end-of-life situation. He won’t be around when your quilt is finished, but the suns are a sign that we all lived under the sun for millions of years, and millions of lives have come and gone, but the sun endures.”

Beryl Lott

I just want you to know that being involved in something like this is a lifesaver for those of us in isolation. I am a widow and 72 years old.


Mental health, addictions, all mixed into one. I hardly speak to anyone, I feel calmed down working with you.

Embroidered Sun, Laura Burril, May 2020


Bury Art Museum May- July 2021 Live Audience 2021

Festival of Quilts, NEC August 2021 Live audience 26,000

Project in numbers

108 participants aged between 8 and 92

126 embroidered squares were created

For more examples of embroideries and information:

Twitter #HereComesTheSun

Facebook #HereComesTheSun

Instagram @arthur.and.martha


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This arthur+martha project was part of Whisper to me Alone, with support from The Booth Centre, Back on Track, Liaise Women’s Centre and Arts Council England. 

Embroidered Sun, Janet Downs May 2020


6 thoughts on “Here Comes the Sun (2020)

    1. Lovely to hear from you again Amy. Your message about doing an international project gave me a push to get on with starting this project, so a huge THANK YOU. all the best Lois


    1. Hi Sue, great to hear from you. Ideally, it would be wonderful if you could send us your embroidery as soon as possible, so we can start putting the quilt together, and sharing your wonderful embroidery contributions. Ideally, we’d love all the work sent to us by the end of September. However we know that guidelines about leaving the house are changing all the time during lock down, sometimes our health or caring responsibilities stop us, so don’t worry if it’s a bit late.


    1. Hi Avril, great to hear from you. If possible could you use something like cotton or cotton mix (or a heavier weight silk if you have it) in blue for the background fabric. If you want to use woollen fabrics or any fabrics that are stretchy, can you appliqué these onto the background. This will help me when I come to put all the pieces together to form one quilt. Feel free to ask any other questions. Thanks, all the best, Lois (arthur+martha)


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