Armour (2017)

Poems, embroideries and other texts made in self-defence

(Please note you can view the full version of this film at Armour Documentary)

Armour was a project that used words and stitches to explore the ways we protect ourselves. It was a collaboration with veterans of armed conflict and with people who have lived experience of homelessness. We asked people to describe their personal “armour”, physical and mental. Artworks inspired by gambesons, the quilted jackets worn under suits of armour, were made out of rust dyed fabric and embroidered with poems, and other writings.

We asked people to describe their personal “armour”, physical and mental. And to imagine what might happen if was taken off. That spark of imagining is what gave life to these poems. Out of much heart-searching, during the art and poetry workshops, came many pieces of writing. Some were embroidered, or inscribed on suits of armour made of cloth.

Although we all need protection, sometimes protection becomes a problem. Armour can be extremely heavy, it limits sight, sound, touch – and emotions. In the poem Sir Galahad by Tennyson, the crucial moment comes when the famous warrior realises if he is to let in love, he must remove his armour. But to do so is fearful as well as freeing.

Defences fail and life falls into a dark disarray

Observe yourself when the mind is viciously dismantled…


Imagining the absence of armour was a difficult sometimes frightening exercise. For some, it took tremendous courage to write about it. For others, it brought relief.

Poetry, I’ve never got it before. This is the first time I’ve even written a poem. Never before. I’ve enjoyed it, it’s been special.  (Elliot Hallisey)

How can people who’ve experienced physical and psychological violence live peacefully with their memories? In our workshops we discussed how we protect our deeper selves and how we heal. This project was devised to allow emotional/artistic exploration of difficult areas of personal history. The poems come out of the experience of conflict – but our hope is that they might help people to find some peace.

…friends friends linked linked together hand

hands safe safe.

(Peter S)

“Never written a poem before,” several people have said. But these pieces weren’t just a technical exercise, they were a gesture of courage and connection. They overthrew defensiveness and they let in life.

Participants 235 people at The Booth Centre Manchester, Tom Harrison House, Liverpool.

Locations: The Booth Centre, Manchester. Tom Harrison House, Liverpool. Imperial War Museum North   Royal Armouries Leeds

More information

Armour blogs and diaries

Documentary  film at Armour Documentary

Armour poem recordings 

Poem collection in the form of a PDF (downloadable leaflet)

Selected poems collection on-line arthur-and-martha-poems

Armour project photos


2017     Museum Association Conference and Exhibition. Audience: 1500 people

2017     Booth Centre, Manchester. Audience 100 people

Armour is supported by Arts Council England  The Booth Centre, and Walking with the Wounded

Angels, Peter Twigg
This body of armour that 
is the weight and size 
of my heart 
is the shield and protection 
to my soul and eyes 
when touched I breathe sweet air


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