Moving Panorama (2018)

Panorama was a project working with people who have experienced homelessness a with partner/host organisation The Booth Centre.  Combining visual art, songwriting and performance, we made scrolled artworks (Moving Panorama’s) inspired by the collection at The People’s History Museum

Our aim was to find creative ways to embed history & creative writing into artwork and art & music into history, allowing participants to inhabit another skin, to see themselves in new ways.

Artist Lois Blackburn worked with songwriter Matt Hill (The Quiet Loner)

Roy Johnson

Roy Johnson, performing at The People’s History Museum, photo copyright Paul Jones

One member of our group had previously slept in the doorway of the museum, another commented on how he had walked past looking through the window- but never feeling confident enough to go in. We made research trips to the museum, and performed the new collection of songs and scrolled artworks to the public at The People’s History Museum on 11th June,  part of the Manchester Histories Festival, and displayed the project part of People’s History Museum, Represent! exhibition.

The new sense of ownership, being part of the story and of belonging in the museum that came out of the project was one of our achievements. The theme ‘Struggle’ (personal & political) came from the museum, a theme that ran through all the work made together.

20 minute film


140 people at The Booth Centre Manchester. Aged 18- 65


The Booth Centre, Manchester, The People’s History Museum, Manchester

More information

Blogs and diaries

Full song collection

Documentary films 

Photo portfolio from the project

Lawrence's artwork

Lawrence McGill’s and others collaborative scroll for the song Alway’s Forward.

Exhibitions and performances

June 2018        The Booth Centre, Manchester. Audience 40+

June 2018        All Saint’s Park, Manchester, as part of the Manchester Histories Festival. Audience 35+

June 2018- Jan 19    The People’s History Museum, Manchester. Audience approx. 81,000

Panorama project is supported by Arts Council England, The Booth Centre, The People’s History Museum and Manchester Histories Festival.


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